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Covid19 Update: for the time being we won't have in-person meditation and will instead be offering an online alternative using Zoom video conferencing.

At this time we are entirely online (using Zoom video conferencing) offering a series of meditation sessions and talks. We practice a blend of traditional Zen meditation (Zazen) and have breakout room sessions to meet with Zen teachers. There are also regular Zen talks and discusion sessions.

All welcome regardless of experience
All are welcome, beginners through to seasoned Zen practitioners. We’re in the Soto Zen tradition (White Plum Asanga, Maezumi Roshi) but we integrate teaching methods from both the Korean (Zen Master Seung Sahn) and Vietnamese (Zen Mater Thich Thien-An) traditions. Zazen is silent meditation (rather than spoken word guided ones), and will have some instruction and guidance at the start of each session for those who are new to meditating.

One on one sessions are also available with Roshi Ryuko and other Zen Teachers, both online in Zoom and in person. These sessions primarily involve koan work for most students, but will also include discussion of each student's particular path. The online dokusan sessions may either happen in a breakout room during our weekly Zazen time together, or at pre-arranged other times throughout the week. We have students from all over the world, and invite interest from potential students wherever you are worldwide.





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